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Arsenal TrainingFootball Training is guided by coaches of Arsenal soccer camp in his installations of Seaford College in West Sussex Oundle School in Oundle.

Hours of training per week:
Clayesmore School: 15 h / week
Oundle School cerca de Cambridge: 15 o 30 h / week
Required Age:
10 - 17 years
Languages spoken by coaches:
MINIMUM level of Football to access the camp:
Levels of training offered by the camp:
Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
How are the groups organized?
The groups are organized according to: Clayesmore School: Age y Level
Oundle School cerca de Cambridge: Level
Number of children per group:
Number of coaches per group:


The program offers students the chance to improve their footballing skills, under the direction of the Arsenal football coaches.  

The course is open to children of all levels.

The objective is to transmit the 'Arsenal way', a way of understanding the sporting culture, focusing on the innate abilities of each pupil, along with teamwork and a positive mental attitude.

The training forms an important part of the children's daily activities. The daily sessions come to a total of 15 weekly hours. The training sessions are organized according to level and the children are divided into groups of between 8 and 12 pupils. 

They will carry out exercises both with and without the ball and will also learn all the values of this sport. 

Regarding the theoretical concepts and the technical skills which the coaches will cover, there are many different aspects, including:

- Teamwork.

- On-pitch communication.

- Spacial positioning.

- Basicmovements.

- The vision of the game.

- The ability to adapt to different situations.

- Coverage of the game.

Regarding physical abilities, they will aim to strenghten:

- Passing

- Dribbling

- Running with the ball

- Headers

- Shooting

- Attacking

- Defending


About Arsenal FC

Arsenal Football Club is one of the British clubs that has achieved a great number of titles.

The London club has earned 3 first-division titles and 10 English cups.

Additionally, it has an unbeatable record, being the only champion of the  Premier League to not have been beaten (in the season of 2003-2004).

Arsenal's main rival is Tottenham Hostpur- their rivalry is known as the North London Derby. 

Arsenal is a long-standing team: founded in 1886, in south-east London, it was the first to form part of the Football League in 1893 and owes its name to the fact that its founders and first players worked in an arms factory in Woolwich. 

Arsenal's biggest recent sporting successes were delivered by coach Arsene Wenger, in what has been called the Wenger Era. 

The French coach, who has directed the bench since 1996, has provided the club track record with two Premier League titles, a Football league, a UEFA subchampionship, another from the Champion's League and one more from the European Super Cup, as well as other national tournaments and friendlies. 

Since 2006, the team has been playing in the brand-new Emirates Stadium in Islington.

Arsenal Training Arsenal Training

The Club

Located in Holloway, in London, Arsenal Football Club is one of the most decorated and successful clubs in English football. It was founded in 1886 in Woolwich and by 1893 became the first southern English club to join the Football League.

As one of the most decorated clubs in English football, Arsenal can boast 13 First Division and Premier League titles, 10 FA Cups, and many more. As well as this Arsenal currently holds an unbeaten record as the only team to have won a season fully unbeaten, which happened in 2003-2004.

Throughout their history Arsenal has maintained an ongoing rivalry with their neighbouring team of Tottenham Hotspur, and each year they compete in the North London derby.

It was the appointment of Herbert Chapman as manager in 1925 which led to the first era of success for Arsenal. In the 1930’s they saw a new method of tactics and training, as well as many star players, and soon started to dominate English football with 5 League Championship titles and two FA Cups.

Although suffering a less successful period during the war, it was after the war in the 1940’s that Arsenal soon brought home the victories. However this was not to last as during the 1950’s and 1960’s Arsenal saw their weakest period in history.

Eventually in 1970 they won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and then in 1970-71 brought home the Double of the League and the FA Cup.

Their more recent success stories have mainly been due to the management of Arsène Wenger since 1996. He introduced a new way of thinking, new tactics, new training sessions and several world-class foreign players who worked well with the existing English players.

The Wenger era has seen three Premier League titles, four FA Cup’s, the FA Community Shield and European titles, as well as many other national tournaments and friendly tournaments.

The team currently plays, after moving from their Highbury Stadium, at the new grounds of the Emirates Stadium in Islington, and will continues to be one of the greatest teams in the world of football today.

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Camp details

Location Headquarter:
Seaford College in West Sussex & Oundle School in Oundle
Clayesmore School: 15 h / week
Oundle School cerca de Cambridge: 15 o 30 h / week
English Classes:
15 lessons / week
Required Age:
10 - 17 years
Nearest Airport:
Clayesmore School: Gatwick (LGW)
Oundle School cerca de Cambridge: Heathrow (LHR)
Price from:
3305 $ 2 weeks

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